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Posted by E Geurts on 12/10/2012

Lilliputian Train - I'm afraid I can't see the attraction of this proposal. St Albans is not a big place and part of the joy of visiting as a tourist is being able to walk easily from point to point. I have visitors from abroad and they love to walk down Fishpool Street, foe example. With regards

Posted by Freight Company on 19/06/2012   Email

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Posted by Matthew Jackson-Hale on 08/11/2010   Email

Hi Paul, Thanks for your email and our chat the other day was helpful too. If the posters you refer to can go up, that will be brilliant. Do you think a reference to our campaign could be made on your news page? Anywhere I can the message and the email address out is a help. If we build up enough of a mailing list, maybe I can get you mentioned as well. Many thanks Matthew